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I love books. I love reading books, touching books, shopping for books, smelling books, reading books about books, talking about books...Okay, you get it.

It's my mom's fault, really. She had my sister and me at our public library (remember those?) several times a week when we were growing up.  She was on the board for our Friends of the Library and worked at the local newspaper where she wrote and edited for nearly 30 years.

I hardly remember seeing her without a book in her hand, which was usually a murder mystery. As a matter of fact, on my wedding day, she informed my husband that she knew more than 600 ways to poison someone without a trace. 

She was kidding.

I think. 

I keep vowing to myself that I'm going to read less and sleep more, and I consistently fail miserably at it. Thanks, mom.  

I do love that my son enjoys reading, so I guess that's something that I've successfully passed down. The Christmas after he turned 9 years old, when asked what he wanted, he said a big stack of books.  

It was the greatest day of my life.

Here's what I'm reading now...


2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Wendy has read 69 books toward her goal of 70 books.

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